Loving how my coach gels the mini practical observations / interaction in between along with the theories (explanation) so that we can understand and relate to it even better. Plus those examples shown were brilliant (e.g. she demonstrated how body language VS tonality VS words made a diff in communication.) Overall it’s very engaging and it flows very naturally. Tell me I’ll forget; show me and I’ll remember; involve me I’ll learn.
— Klennie L.
My makeover session was very helpful as I now have a better idea in picking out clothes to convey a more trendy chic outlook.
— Jing C.
The Fleek session is extremely effective and it really helped me to find tune the way I carry myself in conversations and the coach also encouraged me to be honest and authentic.
— Kim H.
Fleek sessions tend to feel like talking to a friend who really has her best intentions for you. I would say that I now know my weakness and will try to fix that with the feedback received from my coach.
— Chan C.
I really enjoyed my session and what I like most is that the sessions are really helpful. My coach is very friendly and she’s very knowledgable and insightful.
— Daniel L.
My time with Fleek was really interesting as I learnt a lot about the art of deciphering body language during dates and even social settings from my coach.
— Wei K.
The Fleek sessions were very useful to me as they showed me the different ways to improve one’s personality as well as character, especially sessions that touched on socializing and texting. The personal grooming also helped as I learnt new ways of hair styling and also the different products that help in skin care. Overall, it was a good experience for me so I will recommend Fleek if anyone wants a change.
— Terence.
My journey with Fleek was a fruitful and warm one; my coach encouraged and guided me on taking a series of small steps to improve and enhance my overall personal image and outlook as a person. I also learnt about more effect communication and social interaction skills with other people, which has helped me out in various ways, be it at the workplace or befriending new people. Looking back now, the culmination of the these small steps has led to drastic self-improvement compared to before going through the course at Fleek.
— Jing Hao C.
My coach was really good in explaining what type of clothes and colour suits me when we went for my personal shopping session. I’m very pleased with how I turned out in general.
— Gabriel T.