Our Coaches

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Sammi chiang | chief style & personal branding coach

Sammi's expertise is deeply-rooted in her passion for fashion. She pursued a Master's in Fashion Communication and Styling at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. Being an ICF Certified Coach Practitioner, her key driving motivator is the growing confidence exuded by her clients after their Fleek experience. Instead of imposing a transformation on her clients, Sammi believes in letting clients shine through their unique personalities and personal style.


nicolette fernandez | social & personal Branding coach

Having majored in psychology and gone through a Mastery in Coaching course (ACSTH ICF Certified), Nicolette takes on a personal approach for her clients by tailoring each session based on each client’s needs and goals. She believes in maintaining a close-knitted relationship with her clients as their Personal Coach. Nicolette enjoys motivating her clients, encouraging them to achieve a healthy self-development through their Fleek journey.

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dolly chua | Date & personal branding coach

As a Date Coach, Dolly has helped many individuals better themselves step by step with most of them eventually getting into lasting relationships. Dolly’s forte lies in helping others discover their ultimate potential to increase their self-confidence. Having a background in psychology and her utmost patience, clients can be sure that Dolly will take time to understand them and give practical and relevant guidance through their journey with Fleek Image.